About Us

Spantik Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 20623254302 is Australian registered company.

As a growing demand of ecommerce business all over the world, Spantik Australia has setup an online marketplace, namely, Spantik Marketplace, under the website www.spantik.com.au, for vendors all over the world to sell their products and buyers an opportunity to buy products of their choice.

Although, Spantik is an Australia based company, specifically facilitating Australian community, but vendors all over the world are encouraged to list their products, and potentially extend their business to Australian Consumers.

Spantik is also serving buyers outside Australia, anywhere in the world, to purchase products and vendors would ship their products to their specified location.

Spantik secures all buyers and sellers by secure payments system by implementing PayPal as default method of transactions. Any buyer or seller must have to create a PayPal account, having verified information, and both sellers and buyers have peace of mind to use Spantik Marketplace as their secure platform for sale and purchase.