Buying and Selling


Spantik has a very wide range of product categories, and for each category, there are provided lot of sub-categories to make it easy to find out required product. For each product, a lot of information is provided for each product, including product video, multiple product images, product short and detailed description and specifications, etc.


Buying on Spantik has following formats:

  • Buy Now
  • Online Auction
  • Combined Buy Now / Auction


Buy Now

A vendor lists a product at Buy Now. For every product, vendor provides lot of information for each product, specifications, product images and product video.



Vendor also has option to put product on Auction. There is no reserved price, and vendor decides to list the price that is acceptable.

As soon a sale is completed, buyer needs to complete the transaction by making full payment.

Vendor proceeds with the product delivery and updates the product delivery status, that buyer can watch.

After receiving of the product, Buyer has opportunity to provided product review and vendors feedback.


Combined By Now / Auction

A seller can list a product on Spantik with both options enabled, and buyers have a choice either to Buy Now, and proceed with Auction, whichever suites to individual buyer.




  • Every seller can create free online store 100% free of charge within Spantik. Within vendor store, you can manage your own products categories and manage your products listings quite efficiently
  • Every seller is provided a Vendor Dashboard, having full access to orders management, orders history, categories management, products management and lot more facilities to manage your online sales
  • Every seller is provided opportunity to list their products with a number of product images and also upload product video to have full demonstration of the product
  • Every seller must create a PayPal account and update within their Spantik Account portfolio.
  • Every Seller has to provided location of business and item location being sold
  • Every product being listed, Spantik offers 100% free listing for unlimited products, and no fee is charged.



  • As part of Spantik Marketplace policy, every seller must have a verified PayPal account. As a buyer, you can purchase and make 
  • payment on secure payments portal using PayPal, either using your PayPal account or any other method of payment. In any case, all payments are securely managed by PayPal.
  • In case of non-fulfillment of an order, PayPal guarantees a security of AUD 20,000 for any purchase by providing proof of purchase and payment.
  • After completion of any purchase, buyers need to make full payment of their purchased product. Product will be shipped by vendor to the buyer’s specified address, upon receipt of the product.