What is Dropshipping


As increasing need of ecommerce all over the world, there has been a huge demand of products all over world. Ecommerce revolution has changed the industry dynamics from traditional stores. Within huge shopping outlets, a supplier is to sell only what is inventory, while on ecommerce, there is no such limit.


Ecommerce facilitated the sellers to sell unlimited products without owning any product.



Here are steps for drop shipping


  • You as a Seller, find wholesale supplier for a given product where you can buy a product at wholesale price
  • Once you find a product, you list on Spantik Market place, free of charge. We don’t charge any listing fee, you can list unlimited products on Spantik Marketplace.
  • A buyer purchase the product from Spantik Marketplace, and place order
  • Spantik informs you of the Finalized Sale.
  • Once product is sold, you purchase product from the Supplier, or contact Supplier to deliver product to the Buyer.



Case Study


You purchase a product from Supplier at Wholesale price for $50. You put on sale for $100 plus the Shipment Charges on Spantik Marketplace. Once product is sold on Spantik Marketplace for $100. A fee of 2.5% goes to PayPal as transaction fee, and 5% goes to Spantik Final value fee. You care credited $92,5 after all fees and commissions. Net profit you make is $42.50.