Our Vision

Spantik Australia has a broad vision of serving buyers and sellers all over the world, irrespective of the geographical location of either buyer or seller. For example, a supplier is a manufacturer in China, and want to sell product anywhere in the world, either retail or wholesale, he/she can create a vendor account on Spantik, and list their product for sale.

Buyers anywhere in the world, like Australia, USA, UK, India, or any part of the world can buy the product and use secure payment platform PayPal. Both Buyers and Sellers are fully protected, and have a secure platform for transactions and providing ecommerce services.

On Spantik platform, we provided free product marketing on various social media platforms, like YouTube, Face book, Google etc. giving best opportunities to both the buyers to actively find their required product, and providing a very cost effective and worldwide platform to sellers to promote and sell their products.